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Profile & History

KSR was first established in 1969, later purchased by Mr Ron Pate in 1975 and was known as Kingswood Smash Repairs.

Ron started KSR in a corner factory at 75 - 79 Cox Ave. KSR quickly established a reputation for quality workmanship and for delivering exceptional service to customers, big and small.

Quality workmanship and customer service has earned KSR many Insurance company banners & the status of preferred repairer for many motor vehicle dealerships, small to large business’s and large government departments.

In 1995 KSR needed to expand its premises to accommodate all of their valued customers, so they expanded into 81 Cox Ave to allow for some more factory space, and the rest is pretty much history.

KSR is today owned and operated by Kristie Pate (Ron Pates daughter) and still operates with the same family principles of quality workmanship and exceptional customer service.

I work with our team to make the process of an accident repair as pain free as possible for our clients.  Our entire team takes pride in restoring the pride and joy of our clients.  If you as a client are not satisfied, then I will personally work to ensure your satisfaction.” –Kristie Pate


This type of guaranteed service is no accident !

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