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Avoiding a car accident

When we get in our cars to head off to work each morning, or to dinner or an event in the evening, we never think we’re going to be involved in a car accident.

And yet, most of us will be involved in at least one car accident in our driving lifetime. While some accidents are indeed unavoidable, most are caused by driver error – either you or the other driver involved in the crash!

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Car park crashes

Accidents in car parks are unfortunately common and in a lot of cases, they can be avoided.

When we go shopping, we tend to have other things on our mind. Perhaps the kids are screaming in the back seat of the car, or maybe you're trying to work out exactly what you need from the supermarket. Whatever it may be, there's no doubt that there's many potential distractions when it comes to navigating car parks.

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Five things to do before you begin your road trip

At this time of the year, plenty of us are heading away on road trips with family and friends. It could be a nice trip an hour or two away, or a longer journey that will not only put pressure on you as the driver, but your car as well.

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Buying a used car

Buying a used car is a lot more difficult than buying a new car.
First you have to decide on what car you want, but then follows a rigorous process that everyone should complete before they take a used-car off the hands of someone else.
You don’t know the history of the car, nor the seller in most cases, and then you have to show expertise in an area that you probably don’t know a muffler from a spoiler. 

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