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Our Vision

To be Greater Western Sydney’s premier auto body repairer via the delivery of unrivalled customer service that is underpinned by continuous technological investment and a commitment to best practice.

Our Mission

At KSR, we have a mission to make car repair stress-free for our clients.
To do this, we support and invest in our team so they can provide exceptional service for our customers. We grow, change and adapt to the evolving needs of our industry and clients via a culture of quality, honesty and innovation.

What we Value...

  • Respect: We understand and demonstrate respect to others.
  • Community: Employing the people of our local communities.
  • Guarantee: We provide a lifetime guarantee on all of our workmanship.
  • Safety: Nothing is so important in our business that safety will be compromised.
  • Environment: We take our responsibility to our earth seriously.
  • Quality: We pride ourselves in quality; a job done is not done until it is well done.
  • Communicate: We provide an approachable environment, in which our team is encouraged to learn and communicate freely.

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