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Spray Painting

Our spray painting workshop is equipped with the latest technology.

We have three spray booths that keep the drying temperature at an optimum level and will also keep dust and other particles from damaging the drying paint.

We are fuly equipped using WATERBORNE PAINT at all times. Waterborne paints have been evaluated as alternatives to solvent-based paints, they contain less VOC (volatile organic compound) than conventional solvent-based paints, hence they bring with them several benefits related to the reduction in VOC emissions and toxins.

KSR’s spray painting services include the important preparation of panels in one of our dedicated prep bays. This can be quite technical as far as plastics are concerned as they are used extensively on the modern car. We ensure a proper binding and long lasting finish by paying special attention to our undercoat preparation.

KSR has a goal to repair the car correctly, quickly and with a tough, glossy finish. To aid in a faster and harder curing of our paint refinishes we use Infra Red curing technology. The infrared process utilizes short wave technology to fully cure the surface coating all the way through to the base metal. This ensures the paint is baked just like the car manufacturers do it. The infrared process assists in providing that superior gloss that you might expect.

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